Doug Kuelpman
President & Practice Leader Airport Management

Doug has a passion for aviation and a dynamic blend of business savvy and interpersonal skills. Throughout his career, Doug has utilized his strategic abilities and keen understanding of people to distill complex objectives into measurable goals and results.
Doug is the Managing Director of ADK International . As a founder and President of ADK Consulting & Executive Search in the USA in 2003, Doug’s company has grown to be the largest executive search firm in the airport management industry.

True in-depth knowledge of an industry vertical, being connected to the most talented people in that industry and the capability to serve our clients globally….
Doug’s 40 year aviation career is multi-faceted, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regional office in Seattle, WA, Evergreen International Airlines in McMinnville, OR, Tracor Aviation, Santa Barbara, CA and UPS Airlines in Louisville, KY. Doug was on the Executive Staff at UPS where he helped support the UPS Airline start-up team, the Airport Properties Group and the International Public Affairs / Public Relations Group.
His wide experience makes him a perfect peer to discuss your HR challenges next to Airport also in Logistics, Manufacturing , Energy or Infra Structure.

Doug’s major responsibility for ADK International includes Client Relationships, Business Development, and coordinate the Project Management deciding what team can deliver the best results to our clients.


Jaap Hoekstra

In 2003, Jaap took over the Italian executive search firm Kilpatrick™ and built up the business regionally to become a leading player in cross border searches, focusing on international searches for both MNC’s and Mid Caps trying to define key players.

Jaap has built a reputation with both clients and candidates that are based on superior communication and project results that exceed expectations. Working at the highest levels, he has successfully built teams for early-stage clients as well as reinvigorated established organizations with new talent.

Jaap’s specialty is to manage the cultural differences aiming at the best possible return on investment for both company and executive.

Since 2013 Jaap is the Global CEO of the Kilpatrick Group SA to whom belong the following companies: Kilpatrick Executive Search ™, Kilpatrick Solutions, ADK International and Gemini Executive Search ™ and employs 80+ professionals in the Americas, Middle East, Asia and Europe.


Gale LaRoche
Cross boarder specialist

Gale LaRoche has extensive experience in Human Resources Management for both the public and private sector. Her specialty is bringing strategic HR best-practices and technology to help organizations operate in a more effective and efficient manner. Gale has a wealth of experience in starting up and turning around inefficient HR departments to be effective and strategic partners to the business. Gale’s recent assignment in the U.S. was with the Detroit Metropolitan Airport as Vice President, Human Resources.

Gale is a licensed attorney specializing in labor and employment law, and holds the following degrees: Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior Psychology; Juris Doctorate; Masters of Science with concentration in Human Resources; Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources; and an Associate of Applied Science in Business Management. She holds a SHRM-SCP designation. Her dissertation is on the topic of the dynamics involved when there is a change in the top leadership role in United States airports and how it affects senior managers.


Hakan Forsberg
Practice Leader Airport Development

Hakan is a Sales strategist, advisor and mentor. His professional experience spans across +35 years in primarily sales, marketing and management. The last +17 years as a consultant working with Sales Transformation. He can improve your Due Diligence processes, by auditing sales organisations.

He would say most, if not all, companies underperform regarding sales. His experience tells me you you benefit more from working on your culture than on your strategy. If you only focus on results, you will never get the change you need. If you focus on change you will get the results you deserve.

Many leaders tighten the control strings, and put strategy first. But you need to build a culture that supports the strategy. I have studied tons of business plans, most of them have a weak Sales Strategy, if any, and it’s all about what to do, but nothing about how to do it.
Give your people reasons to care about customers and understand their business environment, their issues. Dont reward short term results, cut corners or compromise values, and you will get results.
The corporate sales culture is an incredibly powerful factor in a company’s long-term success. No matter how good your strategy is, when it comes down to it, people always make the difference. Creating change is all about having the courage and stamina to allow it to happen.

Hakan has an extended experience in delivering top talented people in the airport development industry. As an advisor and mentor, he has worked with hundreds of professionals in in the industry. so he’s connected to the talent you need.