Need for Better Airports

Big airport projects are important for four reasons, said Bernie Markstein, U.S. chief economist for Reed Construction Data.

“First, when they are an expansion of landing spots/available gates, which most large projects include, they represent a response to demand for air travel to that city,” Markstein said. “This is an indication of an expanding, vibrant local economy.”

Secondly, when airport expansion enables more flights, “it helps attract more companies and tourists since it is easier for people to travel to and from that location,”
US Airways now offers more flights in Charlotte — currently it has 645 daily departures — “the business community can attract more and more companies, and once more companies come, we can (offer) more flights.”

Airport projects also enhance construction spending, which much of the money flowing directly to the community as “workers spend their wages and local companies are paid for building materials.” Additionally.

Even if the project doesn’t expand the size of the airport, having a modern, architecturally beautiful airport with efficient means of moving people, their luggage, and packages has a big impact on the impression that city makes on various people from business travelers to tourists.

“The airport is often the first impression a traveler has of a city – and first impressions count !

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Our Experts


Hakan Forsberg
Vice President Airport Development

Hakan is a Sales strategist, advisor and mentor. His professional experience spans across +35 years in primarily sales, marketing and management. The last +17 years as a consultant working with Sales Transformation. He can improve your Due Diligence processes, by auditing sales organisations.

He would say most, if not all, companies underperform regarding sales. His experience tells me you you benefit more from working on your culture than on your strategy. If you only focus on results, you will never get the change you need. If you focus on change you will get the results you deserve.

Many leaders tighten the control strings, and put strategy first. But you need to build a culture that supports the strategy. I have studied tons of business plans, most of them have a weak Sales Strategy, if any, and it’s all about what to do, but nothing about how to do it.
Give your people reasons to care about customers and understand their business environment, their issues. Dont reward short term results, cut corners or compromise values, and you will get results.
The corporate sales culture is an incredibly powerful factor in a company’s long-term success. No matter how good your strategy is, when it comes down to it, people always make the difference. Creating change is all about having the courage and stamina to allow it to happen.

Hakan has an extended experience in delivering top talented people in the airport development industry. As an advisor and mentor, he has worked with hundreds of professionals in in the industry. so he’s connected to the talent you need.