Industry based recruiting

The world of Airport development, Airport Management and Airlines today are characterized by much larger, more complex projects than ever before and lesser public funding, however more interest of the private sector increasing their involvement in these projects — ready to take on more risk, but in change of a clear return of investment.

A raft of new technologies promises to transform the way airports are designed, constructed and operated, and companies must keep pace or be left behind. One of the key elements is how well the airports are connected with the local (business) area: there’s a direct relation between viability and the economical growth of the region. There are new ways of financing larger airport projects – challenging the private and public sectors to come together for the greater good.


As much the dynamics of the aviation industry evolves, the profile of successful leaders within the aviation industry is undergoing a fundamental shift too; not only are we facing a global lack of talent in strategically roles – no matter if they need to manage an airport or face the challenge of running a new low cost carrier –  all need to be able to embrace a commercial, strategic, technology and media skill-set – suitable to managing the increased from both stakeholders: private and public

ADK International works with several clients across the aviation industry to help them build and enhance high-performing teams and boards of directors able to have a lasting impact on their enterprises.

All our expertise extends across the whole aviation industry, airport management, airport development and airlines. We work both with the private and public sector, depending on the geographical area. Please check out some of the project we have successfully delivered for our clients.

We love to play a role in exploring the industry trends; share best practices from the aviation industry and leadership developments — sometimes on our own but frequently our sparring partners are prestigious networks and institutions such as the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A)  the  Association of Airport Executives (NWAAAE) and the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

  • ADK International partners with Kilpatrick Executive Search on cross border assignments and together we either organize or participate in several aviation industry events that convene senior leaders in our core business from across the value chain for a focused discussion about the future of aviation.

Our work covers the entire aviation industry:

Airport Development

  • Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing roles
  • Construction of Airports
  • Suppliers

Airport Management

  • Airport Operations
  • Airport Project Managers
  • Business Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail Management


  • Marketing and Sales
  • Business Process and Technology
  • Operations
  • Pricing Management