Executive Search

ADK International has been a recognized player in International Executive Search for almost 20 years. Few are globally so well connected. We know where to find the executives you need and how to attract them to your organization.

The way we deal with executive search sets us a-part.

We know your business

In the battle for talent you need to be able to speak to people who know your business or industry, there’s no time to educate search consultants. All of our senior consultants held executive positions or managerial roles before joining Kilpatrick so they understand quickly your concerns and are aware of the (global) challenges of your business. Many times they are already connected to the talent you need!

The people you see are the people you get

The consultant(s) you choose to work with will manage every aspect of your search; they remain accountable for your results, even if the search takes place in another country.

As we’re one company every time you engage us – you gain access to the expertise and market knowledge of all our consultants.

This it is a core value of our firm. Our equal partnership and fixed-fee pricing structure motivate us to all work together on your behalf. The power of this trusted network places the insight and resources of our entire firm at each consultant’s fingertips, making our solutions richer and more responsive, and creating tangible and enduring business impact for our clients.

The Candidate and the Job Profile

We would love to sit down with you and understand the insights of your company and the management team. We want to work with you to define the ideal candidate’s competencies, personality traits, and their behavioral characteristics…. but we’re also there to discuss with you “what you want” ” versus what you really need“.
In fact, the utmost delicate part of our role is helping you rethink the very concept of the perfect candidate.

As we work with you to develop candidate profiles, we help you consider not only the immediate challenges of the role, but also how to reach your near strategic objectives. We even explore with you the corresponding opportunities to enhance diversity, inclusion or talent from other geographical areas.

The Search Experience

Once we have defined your needs, our consultants personally engage and share the opportunity with their local and global relationships – to identify candidates prepared to meet your needs. Our senior consultants are also supported by a dedicated team of researchers who simultaneously run your requirements through relevant markets, both online and off-line and most importantly through the Talent Tracker™, our proprietary system that tracks top executives and senior professionals worldwide. Through this thorough process, we’re able to closely examine candidates who may be a potential match, analyzing carefully their careers in order to get insights into how well they match the challenges they would face in the new role.

Our core business is building connections

Our senior consultants approach the best-qualified candidates personally. We’re marketers and the best way to persuade the majority of the senior candidates is to share … share the opportunity or get connected sharing the contacts.

The interviews

All of our senior consultants conduct their interviews in person, making sure we match the goals as set with the client.

We consider all of our candidates equally important and even though we need to evaluate our candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal tendencies, and behavioral characteristics, insights into their expected performance in the targeted leadership role, we make sure all have a great “Search Experience”.

Many times we invite our candidates to envision themselves in the new role, asking them to share how they see the fit on a personal, professional, and cultural level.

The first 100 days…

Once we have defined the most suitable candidate for the role, we will carefully manage his/her exit from their current company, making sure that all goes according to the schedule. At the same time we are in continuous contact with other shortlisted candidates, managing their expectations and above all to keep them connected as potential employees of your company.

We start supporting the executives well before D-Day in their new role – as soon as the appointment decision is made. Working in close collaboration with you, your HR and/or the Management Team, we craft a plan – so they to hit the ground running.

Load’s of challenges in the first day(s) and weeks and we like to review together your onboarding policy, as once started they must quickly understand the organization’s culture, set the right priorities, and establish credibility with colleagues and stakeholders.

In the first 100 days we ideally meet one-on-one with the executive at regular intervals to allow them briefly to set aside all ongoing challenges and reflect on their progress, identify alignment and where needed, calibrate their approach as needed.

Continuous development

Executive Search is not just transactional; we like to think that it’s part of a range of services with which we support our customers. Even though Executive search is one of our most important practices, it’s really the result of our constant effort and determination to deliver value to each client we serve.
We like to lead our profession through our services creating value for our client and assuring a unique “search experience™”.