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  • Over 60 dedicated consultants, operating from 15 owned offices
  • Specialized in cross border assignments for C-1 and C-2 level
  • Since 12 years we seamlessly deliver exceptional talent in 42 countries
  • We like to exceed our clients expectations

*to provide exceptional talented leadership to our clients in both emerging and mature markets;
* to lead our profession through innovative services creating value for our client assuring a unique “search experience™“.


  • Since 2003, ADK Executive Search has been performing executive searches exclusively for the airport industry
  • SHas build up a database of over 8000 Aviation Professionals
  • Specialized and dedicated senior professionals with a credible track record in Aviation
  • All senior staff come from the Aviation Industry
  • Proven success rate

*knowledge and expertise to recruit the best fit candidate for your airport job opportunity.



One Company to serve you seamless in 30 countries.

Our 3 areas of competencies

Airport Management

Airports are growing rapidly, increasing their capacities, are subjected to continuous improvement and changing technologies are a constant challenge. Managing an airport is not an easy task and it takes highly qualified and specialized people to run them : ADK has delivered successfully talented people to your industry and have build up a database of over 8000 people that may be interested working for you!


Global airlines  breathe a sigh of relief when the price of jet fuel – their single biggest cost item – came  down, however there is no shortage of obstacles on the horizon..
“There are numerous challenges both manmade and natural but this has always been the case,”
“It makes it critical for airlines to be 100 per cent focused on efficiency and cost management. Equally there is a need to be flexible and quick to adapt capacity according to any given crisis.”
Indeed, while the aviation industry celebrates its centenary, it remains constantly under threat from new challenges – new players on the market – new regulations and the already advanced challenge to manage the digital transformation : Key to solutions is having access to the utmost talented human resources Airlines can get their hands on…

Airport Development

The development of airports is crucial to manage to flow of passengers and goods. Improving the infra structure, the airport connectivity, updating or renewing to the latest technology, compliance to the latest standards : just a few of the challenges any airport authority has. Global competition in Airport construction and development is another challenge and the most successful players know their people make the real difference…this is exactly our sweet spot : We can give you access to top talent in the following area’s or coach your existing team to the next level!

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